Angels’ Care Centre, Howick, KZN, South Africa

MATSolo along with LDZ Electrical has successfully installed a successful solar system at the Angels’ Care rape and crisis centre situated in Howick. This facility is critical to the local community and provides a place of safety for abused women, traumatized children, and provides the social and medical support that these vulnerable citizens need. Their cause is definitely one to have a look at and support if you can.

Project Requirement:

A system that would :-

a) survive load shedding for all admin operations

b) provide power at all times – this included loads such as heaters, fridges and security for both day and night

c) reduce the overall electricity bills as this is a non-profit organization and operating costs are always the most difficult to fund-raise for.


MATSolo Electricity Supply and Back-up System

2 x 10kW LuxPower Hybrid inverters

40 x 420W Trina Vertex S+ panels

5 x 5.12kWh Rack Mount HINA (Luxpower) batteries


Lindsay Bam

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