Home – Durban North, KZN, South Africa

Home – Durban North, KZN, South Africa

9.8kWp Solar installation – 18 x 545W panels.

Retrofit of panels to an existing system.

This is not our favourite way to work as it is always a risk on some level to work on an existing system. This system comprised of an existing, previously installed 8kW OHM inverter, and an 8kWh battery.


Project Requirement

The client wanted to maximise the amount of solar that he could with his existing system in order to reduce his electricity bill from the Municipality and provide power in times of an outage.


MATSolo Solution

Our installation team from Eshas Electrical, headed by Darryl Padayachee, expertly installed a total of 18 x 540Wp panels. This is a maximum solar generation capacity of 9.8kW, which was within specification of the inverter and would allow the client to maximise his savings with his available roof-space.



“Their overall service was brilliant. If that is the standard and they replicate and are price competitive, will do well”

- Client, February 2024


Lindsay Bam

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